It's most definitely not a good weekend for this van driver at Rochor Rd

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The weekend is usually a time for everyone to kick back, relax, and enjoy time away from work.

That, however, is not the case for this poor van driver, who is having nothing short of a disastrous day.

Stomper Mr Nuh saw the aftermath of the crash, in which the van could be seen right outside one of the shops at Rochor Road.

He took photos and videos of the incident, and added:

"If not for the rain, this spot would usually be very crowded."

In a video circulating on WhatsApp, which a Stomper alerted Stomp to, the driver had crashed through the bushes onto the pavement outside the row of shops.

The van is seen tilting to the front outside a shop, with multiple police officers and traffic police personnel at the scene.

When Stomp contacted Singapore Police Force (SPF), a spokesperson said that the police were alerted to the accident along Rochor Road towards Bukit Timah at 6,29pm.

"No injuries were reported," said the spokesperson.

"Police investigations are ongoing," he added.