Is this the 'creature' you see on your Singapore notes? Stomper spotted it at Sentosa

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Stomper Lau Lap was at Sentosa when he spotted a creature bearing a strong resemblance to the markings seen on the background of the Singapore currency notes.

Said the Stomper:

"All of us have been using Singapore dollar notes for years. Can you spot and identify the creatures depicted on all the notes on the side with our first president's portrait?

"It is the most obvious when you look at the picture of the two dollar note.

"These creatures can be found in Singapore's waters."

While we have to admit that they look quite similar, the Monetary Authority of Singapore's website states that the markings are a security feature meant to minimise the risk of counterfeiting.

According to the website:

"The background on both sides of the note is printed by the lithographic process.

"The smooth, rainbowed and anti-photographic background makes camera counterfeiting difficult and photographic separation virtually impossible."

Check out the video Lau Lap contributed below.