Irked Aljunied resident pens comically passive-aggressive to inconsiderate neighbour

A resident of a new BTO flat in Aljunied recently penned a complaint letter to an inconsiderate neighbour, who had apparently been throwing food scraps out of his bedroom window. 

The letter was written and pasted onto the pillar of a corridor, where another resident took a picture of ir and posted it onto a HardwareZone forum.

The message reads as below:

“Please don’t throw rubbish, food and leftovers from your bedroom!

“I don’t know who’s the bastard, but if you are that bastard, stop it!

“I don’t mind if you are handicapped!

“But if you are not handicapped, please go out and throw the rubbish in the chute.

He even went on to curse the culprit:

“If you do this again, you will be cursed and be handicapped forever.

“Good luck to you if that’s your wish for 2017.” 

Too much? You decide.