If the rain ruined your plans yesterday, let this double rainbow brighten your day

Submitted by Stomper A, Alvin, Val, Anon, Adam and Maria

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If your evening plans were cancelled thanks to the heavy downpour yesterday afternoon (Mar 21), you were probably fortunate enough to catch sight of the gorgeous double rainbow that appeared before sunset. 

Stompers A, Alvin, Val, Anon, Adam and Maria contributed photos and videos of the double rainbow.

Stomper Alvin managed to capture the full rainbow from the DBS Office located at the central business district. In the photo he contributed, the rainbow can be seen spanning from Marina Bay Sands across the Padang. 

Stomper Maria said:

"I am so glad that I was able to catch another beautiful rainbow after the rain."

Other Stompers also shared pictures of their sightings in heartland areas, such as Toa Payoh and Braddell.  

The last reported sighting of a double rainbow was on the third day of Chinese New Year this year (Jan 30).

In Chinese culture, a double rainbow is considered auspicious and a reason for reflection and meditation.

The phenomenon occurs when the light inside raindrops gets reflected twice, creating a second spectrum across the sky. 

Check out the video sent in by Stomper Val below! It was taken at Thomson Lane at about 6.05pm.