If dogs allowed, why not cats? Kitty lovers unhappy about no-cat rule in HDB flats

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Facebook user Alfredo Seow posted a photo of a letter from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) his friend had received, advising him to "remove" his cat from his home by Jan 11 after receiving feedback that he was keeping a cat in his flat.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the post after it started gaining traction on Facebook.

The letter explained that under HDB's policy, keeping of cats in HDB flats is strictly prohibited as they are "difficult to be confined within flats".

The Estate Manager who wrote the letter added that "cat-related nuisance such as shedding of fur, defecation in public areas and noise disturbance can spoil the estate's living environment and disrupt good neighbourliness".

The post has garnered over 1,140 shares, 560 reactions and 333 comments since it was posted yesterday (Jan 7).

Many of those who commented are cat lovers who question why dogs are allowed in HDB flats and cats are not.

According to the HDB, 62 breeds of dogs are allowed in flats while cats are not allowed at all.

Alfredo replied to a comment:

"Oh well, time to find a dog that behaves like a cat then. [Because] apparently, they don't shed fur or make a mess."

Facebook user Haz commented on the 'irony' of the situation with his aunt's own experience:

"My aunt also kena until SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) came to collect her cats. All [because] the neighbour complained that the cats made her dog bark all the time. The IRONY."

Michelle, on the other hand, tried to see the issue from both sides:

"I have friends whose cats have leapt [out] of their windows trying to catch birds, or just to escape home.

"Many cats have such tendencies, and HDB flats aren't built with ledges and corrugated surfaces that are conducive for cats that like to chill outside.

"I think HDB is just being cautious by discouraging flat owners to keep cats in flats.

"That being said, I also know a lot of flat owners [who], with careful measure, have kept their cats till they grow old, and given them good lives."

Said Elton Liaw:

"Cats are considered small breed animals and why it is not allowed to be kept in HDB? At least they are toilet trained and will keep themselves clean.

Fellow cat owner Susan Tan agreed and wrote:

"HDB needs to explain: I keep my cats perfectly well indoors. I don't live in HDB.

"So what is the difference between HDB and non-HDB walls that the cats can't be contained in one but non issue in the other? FLAWED and OUTDATED law HDB!!!!

"Punish irresponsible cat owners who let cats roam freely without supervision who live in any form of housing!!!!

"Not punish all cat owners by banning cats for thos who live in HDB!"

The Stomper who alerted Stomp to the post thinks that there should be more understanding with regards to the matter:

"Some pets provide therapeutic comfort to owners.

"It just seems unfair."

Stompers responded to Stomp's article on the hot button issue.

Said Anastasia:

"In my area (Yishun), there is a dog fight every day."

Lena expressed:

"Cats are so quiet, you don't even know they exist...unlike dogs."

Rasyid added:

"Yes!!!! Of course not happy...then when a dog keeps barking throughout the night, why do they not consider this kind of nonsense?"