"I asked well-groomed lady driver of BMW to park within her lot, but she looked at me, then walked away"

Submitted by Stomper Wei

Sometimes, being well-dressed and driving a nice car does not necessarily mean the driver will be a nice human being as well.

Stomper Wei learnt this through a rather unpleasant incident that happened to him at Asia Square Tower 2's carpark at 6.30pm yesterday (Mar 30).

The Stomper was looking for a parking lot, and found the only one available next to a pillar.

However, the BMW parked in the lot next to it was eating into the other lot's space, forcing Wei to park close to the pillar.

After parking, he spotted the well-dressed driver of the BMW. "I asked her to at least park nicely in her lot, so that I would be able to come out of my car."

However, Wei said the woman simply looked at him and walked away, all while talking on her phone.

"She mumbled something that I could not hear before walking away," added Wei. 

"I was unable to get out of my car, unless I bang her door with mine. But my upbringing forbids me from committing such misconduct."

Wei crawled from the driver's seat of his car to the front passenger seat and exited from that side.

After finally getting out of his car, he took a photo of how the BMW was parked, before going back to take his bag.

According to the Stomper, the woman came back to the BMW at this point and drove away, while still talking on the phone.

Wei asks: "Why is this woman so mindful in being unkind? Why?"