Huge flames engulf mini-bus at Northoaks Condominium in Woodlands

Submitted by Stomper Syakir and Juno

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A mini-bus was engulfed in flames at Northoaks Condominium in Woodlands this afternoon (May 16) at around 1pm.

A Stomper saw alerted Stomp to what happened after seeing the burning bus from a nearby apartment.

In a video the Stomper sent, raging fires and thick black smoke can be seen coming out of the windows of the white bus. 

In another video sent by Stomper Juno, firemen can be seen putting out the fire with a water jet as the fire alarm was ringing in the background.

It is unclear what caused the fire but Stomp understands that no one was injured.

Stomper Syakir also sent Stomp photos showing a Red Rhino and police officers at the condominium.

Stomp has contacted the SCDF for more information and will provide updates once we have them.