How long did this crazy fella take to vandalise toilet doors at The Verge?

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Something smells fishy in this toilet, and no, it isn't just because it's a toilet. 

Stomper Anonymous came across a case of vandalism-cum-conspiracy theory mind map, inside a toilet cubicle on the 2nd storey of The Verge in Little India last week. 

Based on the images provided to Stomp, the doors of two cubicles were shown, filled to brim with scribbling in red. 

Said Anonymous:

“I don’t know whether this was done at one go or some crazy person had been doing it repeatedly over a period of time.

“The words and sentences do not make sense but the entire door from the insides of the two cubicles were totally vandalised.

"Somehow, of the three cubicles, the middle one was totally free of vandalism.

"I'm not sure why."

Can you make sense of the freaky writings?