Help! Have you seen my grey Prada wallet which I lost at Telok Ayer St?

Submitted by Stomper WYR

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Stomper WYR lost a grey Prada wallet at Telok Ayer Street at around 11.30pm last Friday (May 5).

The Stomper was at a restaurant at Telok Ayer Street, and took the wallet out for the meal there.

WYR believes that the wallet may have dropped out when the Stomper took a GrabCar back home.

The wallet contains around $500 in cash, the Stomper's Employment Pass, bank cards and several other cards.

"I need to change the EP pass and have to hand it back to my employer this Friday (May 12)," said the Stomper.

"I would appreciate it if any kind soul who picked it up could return it to me."

If you have any information about this wallet, please contact Stomp via email ( or WhatsApp (9384 3761).