'Half the cows in the world died?' Mr Brown's hilarious video on expensive baby milk a hit with netizens

A hilarious video about the rising costs of milk powder in Singapore,  from local blogger and social media personality mrbrown has been circulating online.

In the video, mrbrown, who claims to be ‘Singapore Number One Milk Fan’ tackles the issue of the rising prices of milk powder.

Recounting a funny anecdote on how his mum built up his immune system via drinking a certain brand of adult milk powder from a young age, mrbrown said that his 'solid' body now can be attributed to this training. 

He then moves on to talk about the increase in prices, citing a 120% increase in prices in the last 10 years, as mentioned in an article by The Straits Times.

To this, mrbrown retorts, “What happened? Half the cows in the world die arh? The cow neh neh pain arh? The cows must fly first class to Singapore?"

The episode concludes with mrbrown saying that he should get into the milk powder business. 

Watch the video below.