Guy posts photo of Grab driver intending to flame him -- but shoots himself in the foot instead

Submitted by Stomper Marcus

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Stomper Marcus sent Stomp a screenshot of a Facebook post by user Abdul Rasid complaining about a Grab driver today (Jan 15).

Apparently, Rasid was mad that the Grab driver he called had rejected picking up his family that inlcuded an "extra" kid even though his sister-in-law had offered to pay the driver more money.

However, this is where he "shot himself in the foot," says Marcus.

"GrabCar Economy allows seating for up to four passengers whether they are children or adults.

"He tried his luck to seat more than the regulated number of passengers when he could have just called for a bigger car."

Marcus received a screenshot of the post via WhatsApp and informed Stomp that the user's account was private.