Group of men whack and rain kicks on guy at AMK -- even when he is motionless on the ground

Submitted by Stomper Hardy

Stomper Hardy sent Stomp a video showing a guy getting kicked, stomped and hit by a group of men.

According to the Stomper who received the video from a friend on WhatsApp, the incident took place at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 near block 456 yesterday (Feb 2) at around 8.30pm.

In the video, the victim can be first seen lying face-down on a pavement beside a road. He was motionless.

Three men were assaulting him. One stomped on his buttocks, another hit him on his back while the last attacker kicked the victim twice in the face.

The group had a fourth person who was not involved in the attack based on the video.

The men left the victim on the ground following the assault and left the scene.

Stomp has contacted the Police for information about what happened and will provide updates when we have them.