Geylang Methodist boy dies after goal post falls on his head: He was brother of S'pore singer Sarah Aqilah

A 13-year-old student died in hospital on Monday (Apr 24) after being struck by a goal post during his physical education class earlier that morning.

According to Beritan Harian, the incident took place some time after 9am at Geylang Methodist Secondary School, which is in Geylang East Central.

Muhammad Hambali Sumathi had been playing football with his classmates when he grabbed onto the goal post. It then fell on him, and hit his head.

The victim's father, Mr Sumathi Abdul Hamid, 52, said that the school principal had contacted him at around 9.50am to inform him that his son had been involved in a serious accident at school.

Hambali was supposed to be celebrated his 13th birthday this June, added Mr Sumathi.

A spokesman for the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) said the deceased suffered injuries to his head and was conveyed to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH).

Along the way, paramedics also gave him emergency resuscitation (CPR).

A Police spokesperson said the deceased was pronounced dead at KKH.

Hambali is the younger brother of local singer Sarah Aqilah, who was crowned the winner on Suria's reality singing competition Anugerah in 2009.

In a Facebook post earlier today (Apr 25), Sarah wrote that she and her family were on their way "to SGH to bring my brother home."

She later said in a separate post: "We have yet to get a detailed investigation from the school. We hope to get the truth from the school as soon as the funeral is completed. For now, we cannot confirm the exact story. It is just questions running through our heads."

She also asked for "understanding and hope" during this "painful moment".

On Instagram, Sarah shared a family photo of them at Universal Studios Singapore, which she said was their "last outing together".

"Be happy my boy bcos u deserve it. I will always love you & you will always be in my prayers," she wrote in the heart-wrenching post.

It is not the first time that Sarah has lost a close family member.

In an interview with The New Paper four years ago, Sarah opened up on her personal tragedies.

Her younger sister died at the age of 20 in 2009, after contracting a virus following a trip to Kusu Island.

In 2011, she wedded her stage crew fiance after a failed first marriage.

In 2012, she gave birth to a baby girl, who ended up undergoing kidney removal surgery three months later.

And in 2013, she lost her 74-year-old grandmother to skin cancer during Ramadan on Aug 1 -- just one day before her daughter's first birthday.

To focus on caring for her child, Sarah has let her career take a backseat.

"It is worth it because you can never get back the time you lose with your baby," she said.