Gallop Stable fined $9,000 for causing unnecessary suffering to mare

Gallop Stable Singapore was fined $9,000 yesterday (May 19) for one count of animal cruelty.

During an inspection at its Pasir Ris Green ranch in May 2013, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) found a mare which was in poor condition.

The horse, Sharpy, had a severely infected lower right hind leg that was three times its normal size. It also had a swollen left knee which was later diagnosed to be a case of severe hematoma (bleeding with retained blood clot).

Sharpy was also lying down and bobbing its head, trying to get rid of the flies buzzing around its infected eyes.

AVA said in a media release:

"Our investigations found that the owner had been self-treating the mare and did not provide it with proper veterinary attention.

"AVA assessed that the mare had experienced unnecessary pain and suffering, which could have been mitigated with timely veterinary treatment.

"AVA instructed the owner to seek veterinary attention for the mare immediately."

It was reported that another vet had also taught stable staff how to wash Sharpy's wounds twice a day.

However, a visit from AVA two days later noted that Sharpy's condition appeared to have worsen, with maggots deep in its wounds.

When offered water and food, the mammal drank non-stop for two minutes and ate continuously for up to half an hour.

AVA added in its media release:

"The two independent veterinarians who subsequently attended to the mare also assessed that the mare had been subjected to unnecessary suffering.

"The animal has since almost recovered.

"AVA condemns animal cruelty and will investigate all feedback on animal cruelty. We will take enforcement action against anyone who has committed an act of cruelty."