Fire breaks out in storeroom at I12 Katong mall

Submitted by Stomper Yus and Anon

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Stomper Yus and Anon alerted Stomp to a fire that broke out at I12 Katong mall, located along East Coast Road, yesterday evening (May 18).

In a Facebook post at around 11pm yesterday, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that a fire had broken out in a first-floor unit in the mall. It added that it was using two water jets to mitigate the fire and there were no reported injuries. 

In an update, SCDF said that the fire - which involved the contents of a storeroom - had been extinguished.   

Videos and photos contributed by the Stompers show onlookers gathering in the area outside the mall, which was cordoned off. Smoke can also be seen streaming out of the entrance of the mall.

Many netizens who commented on the SCDF post praised the firefighters for their bravery. 

One netizen said:

"Saw the firemen in action today. Inhaling a lot of smoke, fighting the fire to keep us all safe and sound.

"Gratitude. Thank you, heroes! Please keep yourself safe and healthy, and drink more herbal tea and lots of water to detoxify the toxic (smoke) inhaled."