Fancy cash and unwilling to part with your luxury goods? Just sell your branded paper bags online like this person

Submitted by Stomper Imck2

When times get tough, it is not uncommon for people to pawn their prized possessions just to get by.

However, what happens when you are unwilling to part with your precious items? 

There is a simple solution -- sell the paper bags and containers you get from shopping at your high-end designer shops, which is exactly what one Carousell user, nicole_56 did. 

Stomper Imck2 alerted Stomp to some listings on Carousell, where the user had put up luxury paper bags and gift boxes for sale. 

Among the list were bags from Ted Baker, Chanel, Salvador Ferragamo and even Louis Vuitton, that range from $4 to $12. 

So the next time you are in dire need of cash, just remember that designer paper bags are the way to go.