Family of girl run over and killed while peeing on roadside demands 1.2 million yuan in compensation

The family of a little girl who was run over and killed while peeing by the side of the road in China is demanding 1.2 million yuan in compensation from the driver.

Surveillance footage captured the little girl waddling over to the side of the road and squatting down to take a whiz.

However, she gets crushed to death when a minibus rolls over her.

The girl's family has blamed the inattentive driver for the accident, but the driver has blamed the parents' lack of supervision, reports Shanghaiist.

Police have agreed with the family, blaming the driver's "negligence."

But Chinese netizens seem to be on the driver's side, lamenting his "bad luck."

"This isn't fair to the driver. The little girl was squatted down in his blind spot. The parents should take responsibility," one Weibo user commented.

"These days little kids are always peeing on the side of roads, the driver should have been more careful," another argued.