Family forced to run out of HDB flat after kitchen tiles crack in the middle of night

A family was left shocked and worried after their kitchen's floor tiles cracked and popped in the wee hours of the morning on Friday (Mar 10).

In a Facebook post, DiaNa Daniel said she and her kids were sleeping when her husband, who had just returned from work, hear a loud, cracking sound.

He looked from the living room and realised half the kitchen floor had cracked and popped.

DiaNa said he quickly grabbed the baby and told the rest to run out of the house.

After getting outside, Diana quickly called the police and SPF, SCDF and Town Council officers soon showed up.

They told the family that HDB will have to look into this as the issue was with the flooring, and it was not because of a gas explosion.

The officers also told the family not to enter the kitchen as it was very dangerous.

DiaNa says that when she reported the matter to HDB, an officer called her at 8.30am to tell her that they would come down on Tuesday (Mar 14), to check on the issue.

Worried about her kids, DiaNa argued with the HDB officer and managed to get them to come on that day itself to inspect the home.

She took to Facebook to warn other home owners and share her experience.