Errant motorists beware: 'Police' uncle on the prowl

Submitted by Stomper Anon

Bedok residents rejoice! There is a new sheriff in town and it looks like he's a fan of monochrome. 

Stomper Anon contributed photos of the unusual sight yesterday (Apr 2) as he was travelling along Bedok North Road. 

In the photos, the 'police' uncle can be seen riding a black and white striped bicycle resembling the motorcycles used by traffic police officers. He even has a shirt with the words 'police' on the back and white gloves to boot! 

The knockoff 'policeman' also has the SG50 and Singapore Police Force logos emblazoned on the back of his bicycle.

The unusual sight left the Stomper amused, and he joked that the man was part of a new traffic police special force.