Episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders calling Geylang "overcrowded slum" is beyond stupid

An episode of American television series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has been slammed for its inaccurate, stereotypical and "beyond stupid" portrayal of Singapore.

Titled Cinderella And The Dragon, the April 12 episode shows a group of investigators on a case of two American flight attendants who have gone missing in Singapore.

It has drawn flak from audiences and several websites, such as Geek Culture who listed out 20 mistakes made by the show.

These include an opening shot that does not resemble our Lion City at all and a "Singaporean proverb" that most Singaporeans have not heard of.

At one point, a character in the show goes on to describe Geylang: "Officially it's known as the red-light district, but more accurately it's an overcrowded slum with a thriving underworld. In a country as affluent and educated as Singapore, employers have a hard time finding unskilled workers to do manual labour, so they get migrant workers from other countries to come do the menial jobs, but then that leaves the Ministry of Manpower with nowhere to put them, so a lot of times as a result they end up in government dormitories in Geylang."

Local blogger and social media personality mrbrown has posted a funny video correcting the many goofs and inaccuracies in the Singapore-themed episode.

Calling himself "Singapore's number one police TV show fan", he clarifies how Geylang is not the "dark side of paradise" because "you can at 2am go there eat the frog porridge, very safe. And if you don't like to eat chicken, the chicken won't come and bother you one."

Anyone who truly understands Singapore will understand what he means by that, and agree that its real dark side is none other than Yishun.

One of the show's characters also inexplicably found fault with the naming of our Ministry of Manpower.

To this, mrbrown responds, "What's wrong with calling it Ministry of Manpower? Huh? Then call what? Ministry of People Doing Jobs ah? Ministry of Human Being ah?"

The episode claiming that Singapore has "a lot of poverty" and "huge trafficking" has not sat well with viewers too.

Other flaws include calling our Singapore Police Force as "Singapore PD", but "mata" would be a more accurate title, according to mrbrown.

Check out his full video below.