Eewww: Stomper shocked to find new rice packets purchased from supermarket infested with weevils

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Stomper Joyce was disgusted when she found that her new packets of rice which she had purchased from a supermarket were infested with weevils. 

According to Joyce she had bought the packets just last week and was shocked to find that it was contaminated, given that she had purchased from the same supermarket and there were no problems. 

Said Joyce: 

“I’ve been a fervent supporter of this brand for a long time, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the insects.

“I just want to know what to do with the rice packets so the insects will go away, and I’m sure there are people who are facing the same problem as me.

"The stated expiry date is in 2018, so the rice should be ok.

"I can't be sure of which rice packet is free of the insects as the packaging isn't transparent, so that is a problem."