Dude nonchalantly rides e-scooter along Tiong Bahru Road -- when he is not allowed to do so

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Stomper Nik saw a man using an e-scooter on the road along Tiong Bahru Road yesterday (Feb 18) at around 9.30am.

In a video the Stomper sent, the man clad in a black T-shirt can be seen riding his e-scooter on the left lane of the two-lane road behind an SBS bus.

He was not wearing any protective gear.

According to the LTA, e-scooters cannot be used on roads

The rider was putting himself as well as other road-users in danger due by not complying with the rules.

Said the Stomper with regard to what happened:

"I think many people are are about the traffic rules but don't put them into practice."