Driver shocked after cabby claims $12k in damages from him -- for scratches on taxi's bumper

Submitted by Stomper Darren

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Stomper Darren is outraged because a taxi driver is claiming $12,000 in damages from him just for scratches on a bumper after their two vehicles were involved in a road accident on Feb 24.

Darren was notified of the charges via a lawyer's letter last month that included medical expenses of $28, medical report fees of $180, loss of income at $200, transportation fees of $40 and LTA (Land Transport Authority) fees of $5.35.

The total is $12,435.35.

"There was not even a broken head lamp or dent on the bumper," said Darren who said that his car door was in worse condition than the taxi.

"He still got face to claim medical fees when he can shout vulgarities at me and even wanted to punch me.

"He seemed perfectly fine.

"Where got need medical attention when he can be so drama. He tried to call 999 too."

Darren added that the cabby was unwilling to cooperate by passing him his identification card to take down his particulars.

"So now he knows who I am but I don't even know who he is.

"Is he even the rightful hirer? Win liao lor."