Driver is charged parking fee twice at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre -- but only 1 charge is reflected

Submitted by Stomper Samson

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Stomper Samson was surprised that he had been charged a parking fee twice after the barrier to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre's carpark did not raise.

The Stomper was exiting the carpark on May 24 when his In-Vehicle Unit (IU) indicated that the parking fee of $1.24 had been deducted from his CashCard but the barrier did not go up.

"I used the intercom and was told that no money was deducted so I had to reverse and try again," said Samson.

"Again, $1.24 was deducted.

"Feeling suspicious that the $1.24 fee was deducted twice, I used the EZ-Link app to check my value and indeed, only one deduction of $1.24 was shown, but my value dropped by $2.48 from $95.98 to $93.50.

"I believe I am not alone and wonder how many have lost their money just like that.

According to the Stomper, this is not the first time this has happened to him.

He encountered the same problem at Pioneer Mall's carpark:

"The carpark supervisor helped me to liaise with NETS for the refund.

"I found out that when we go through the gantry, NETS will directly deduct the money and at the end of the month, the carpark companies will seek a refund from NETS.

"This means if NETS does a double deduction but the carpark companies only have one deduction, the extra deduction will go unnoticed.

"It is not even in the statement printout!!!

"Amazing. Please help to spread awareness for this!"