Driver forced to jam on the brakes after primary school kid runs across busy road

It is not easy to be a driver.

One has to stay alert,follow the rules and make sure they don't crash into other vehicle.

Or jaywalkers, who tend to pop out of nowhere.

And it gets even harder to spot them when they happen to be primary school kids running across busy roads.

A clip of one such incident was posted on by Qian Yi.

The caption for the video says that the incident happened at Bukit Batok Street 31.

A driver was forced to jam on the brakes when a primary school student ran in front of his car.

The child probably did not realise how close he came to being run over.

The page administrators said in the post:

"Parents need to educate their children on road safety and constantly remind and coach them on using pedestrian crossings or signalised junctions to cross.

"Never run across roads as they are shorter and smaller in size, where drivers cannot see them."