Drama at Starbucks as woman slaps, strips and shames husband's alleged mistress

Submitted by Stomper JC

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Drama unfolded at a Starbucks cafe when a woman confronted another woman she believed to be her husband's mistress.

Stomper JC alerted Stomp to the video that has been circulating online.In the video, the woman confronts the alleged third party and is sitting on top of her to stop her from moving.

She says to the onlooking crowd, "Look at this adulterous woman. She's messing around with someone's husband".

She then shouts at the woman, "Your mum is slutty too right? That's why you're born a slut".

While she continues to sit on the woman and berate her, a girl who is presumably her daughter is standing next to her crying and calling for her.

A man in a white T-shirt who is trying to intervene is the woman's husband.

She ignores her husband and continues to attack the other woman and at one point even strips her so that she is topless.

The alleged mistress tells her, "What, what relationship do I have with this man?"

She then tells her that she is "just friends" with the woman's husband and the husband adds that she is just his employee.

This only enrages the woman further and she replies, "First you say this, then you say she's that" before the video ends.

Although netizens are saying that this incident happened at a shopping mall in Singapore, Stomp can't confirm this for now.

Watch the video below.