Don't forget our foreign workers, says PM Lee after seeing this man at Changi Beach

As we are having fun with celebrations this festive season, let's not forget the unsung heroes in our midst.

That was the message Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had for Singaporeans in a Facebook post after a walk he took last weekend.

Read a caption on a photo he posted:

"Walking along Changi Beach on the New Year weekend, I saw this man sitting under a tree, alone yet not alone. He looked like a foreign worker, calling home on his cellphone. 

"As we enjoy the festive days with friends and family, let us spare a thought for the foreign workers who have left their families behind to work in a distant land. They build our HDB flats and MRT lines, keep our roads clean and parks green, and take care of our young and elderly. They slog and save to support loved ones, but at least with the internet and cellphones they can keep in touch, and feel not quite so far away. – LHL"