Don't be a 'blur sotong' shopper, or you could end up with more than you bargained for

Submitted by Stomper Priscilla

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Do you check the labels on the groceries you buy?

If you don’t, then it might be a good time to start.

Stomper Priscilla was at a supermarket in Woodlands Vista Point Shopping Centre today (May 21) at around 10.31am when she came across a box of contaminated quail eggs that had maggots crawling all over it. 

Disgusted, she approached the cashier with the box to lodge a complain. 

According to Priscilla, the cashier acknowledged that there were indeed maggots in the box of eggs. 

Not wanting to hold up the snaking queue of customers behind her, Priscilla left without getting a response. 

Said Priscilla:

“I’m a regular patron at the place, but this is not the first time I have seen expired products placed on the shelves.

“A lot of shoppers just grab and go, without looking at the labels and quality of food they’re getting.

“This is especially important for food items.”