Doctors perform emergency C-section on deceased pregnant victim from Jurong West accident to save 6-month-old premature baby girl

Last Saturday (May 13) at around 8am, 25-year-old Goh Chieh Ting who was to be a mother for the first time, was knocked down while crossing the road with her mother-in-law at Block 456, Jurong West Avenue 1. 

When she did not respond to treatment after being conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, doctors were forced to perform a C-section to save the six-month-old premature baby girl. 

According to Lianhe Wanbao, when the victim's heart stopped beating, the medical team immediately performed Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her for about 4mins.

However she did not respond to the CPR, the doctors decided to go forward with the decision to perform the C-section.

The newborn is reportedly in stable condition, and 'healthy and large for her age', said one family member. 

The baby's mother had suffered serious head injuries after the incident, with her water bag breaking in the process. 

A witness told reporters that as the victim and her mother-in-law were crossing the road, a lorry had exited from from a carpark across the road at Block 441. 

As the lorry was making a right turn into Jurong West Avenue 1, it collided with the victim. 

Said the witness:

“The scene was very chaotic.

“Several passers-by stepped forth to help.

“When they realised that the victim was pregnant, they became very worried for the safety of the fetus.” 

The witness also said that there was someone who was screaming that the victim was bleeding and her water bag had bursted. 

The victim had just been married for seven months before the accident happened, and a 46-year-old male driver had been arrested for causing death by negligence.