Diner claims Lau Pa Sat drink stall staff charged him $7.50 for $5.40 worth of drinks

A diner's complaint that the staff at a drink stall in Lau Pa Sat allegedly overcharged him and tried to brush him off when questioned has quickly gone viral among Singapore netizens.

The complain was shared by Facebook pages such as Everyday SG, and was allegedly contributed by a Mr Ong.

The photo posted shows two receipts, one for three Oolong Tea drinks at $5.40, and the other for three sugarcane drinks at $7.50.

According to the posts, the diner was shocked when he was told that the three cans of Oolong tea would cost him $7.50, and asked for a receipt.

However, when the receipt showed that the drinks only cost $5.40, the diner questioned the cashier, who prints another receipt for $7.50, but shows three sugarcane drinks instead.

The diner asks the cashier why it shows sugarcane instead of Oolong tea, and another staff member steps in and says that that is how it is sold, at $2.50 per can.

At this point, the diner requests for receipt showing that the Oolong tea is $2.50 per can, but is told by the cashier that the system is not updated so he can't print the receipt like that.

The diner, by now, is incensed, and yells at the two staff members, asking if the system is not updated then why is it being sold at a higher price.

The cashier, appearing flustered, returns the diner the change of $2.10.