Construction workers at MacPherson punch and kick man as he sits on the ground

Submitted by Stomper Kesavan and Aravin

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Stomper Aravin was on his way home yesterday (May 14) at around 11pm when he spotted a group of construction workers fighting along Pipit Road in the MacPherson area. 

In the video he contributed, a man wearing a white shirt can be seen repeatedly kicking a man sitting on the ground. Another man tries to pull the aggressor away, but it only escalates into another confrontation inside the construction site. 

Said the Stomper:

"They were already fighting when I passed by the area.

"Passersby ignored them and walked past. 

"The fight lasted for around 10 minutes. Some of the men were punching and kicking the man throughout.

"After the fight, two of the men went into the construction site. The man in white stood outside and was shouted at by another man.

"People at the block across the road were also watching the commotion."

Aravin sent the clip to his friend, Stomper Kesavan, who subsequently contributed it to Stomp.