Commuters experience increased travel time on North-South Line due to wet weather

Submitted by Stomper Brandon, Kikilala and Anon

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Stompers Brandon, Kikilala and Anon alerted Stomp to unusually crowded train platforms along the North-South MRT Line at around 7am this morning (May 30).

Photos contributed by Stomper Anon show a crowded train platform at Woodlands MRT station. 

The Stomper said:

"There was mayhem during this morning's rush hour.

"I'm not sure what happened, the platform was so crowded and all the trains were so packed."

The Stomper added that his commute to work was extended by 50 minutes.

In the photos contributed by Stomper Kikilala, the train platform at Jurong East MRT station can be similarly seen packed with commuters. Many people can also be seen waiting outside the gantry beside the control station.

Stomp understands that there were no train delays or faults, but the trains were travelling at a slower speed due to wet weather.

Check out the amusing video contributed by Stomper Brandon below.