Car reportedly rams into stationary vehicles at Junction 8 carpark, two sent to hospital

Submitted by Stomper Kelly

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Kelly’s friend witnessed the aftermath of an accident that happened at around 11am today (Mar 14) at B1 of Junction 8’s carpark.

In the photos that Stomp received from Kelly, three damaged cars can be seen - a grey car, a white car, and a blue one.

The grey car, a Kia, has both its front and rear bumpers evidently crushed, as are the white car’s. The white car appears to have been pushed by the force of the collision against the blue car that is parked behind it.

A group of people are standing around the cars looking on, and a Certis Cisco security officer can also be seen at the scene. A man, presumably the driver of the Kia, is sitting in the driver's seat looking dazed.

The Stomper's friend heard from the security officers at the scene that the grey Kia had apparently collided with a few other stationary vehicles while the driver was attempting to exit the parking lot.

It appeared that the driver of the Kia had stepped too hard on the accelerator and crashed into the white car parked opposite his lot. The force of the impact in turn caused the white car to hit the blue car that was parked behind.

The driver had then appeared to reverse his vehicle, only to hit his rear bumper. When he attempted to move forward, his car hit the white car once again.

The Stomper's friend said the scene was reminiscent of the taxi driver who was spotted repeatedly reversing and ramming into cars in front of Old Airport Road Food Centre.

The Stomper’s friend also added that the driver was with a woman, and that the driver was injured.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told Stomp that they were alerted at about 11.25am to the incident, and dispatched one ambulance.

The Police said that three cars were involved in the incident, and two people, aged 77 and 81, were conscious when they were conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.