Car crashes into road sign along Airport Boulevard: Front bumper, bonnet and headlights damaged

Submitted by Stomper Cinop

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Stomper Cinop was driving along Airport Boulevard near Terminal 2 at around 9pm last night (Apr 20) when he spotted the aftermath of an accident -- a black car had crashed into a road sign.

In the photos Cinop contributed, a black car mounted the kerb and crashed into a metal road sign. The accident left the car with a badly damaged front bumper, bonnet and smashed headlights.

Said the Stomper:

"I was going to pick someone up but when I saw the wreckage, I immediately stopped to render assistance.

"The person who drove the car was a second lieutenant wearing an army uniform. He said that he was going to pick his sister at the airport.

"He was not injured, but he said he was quite tired. 

"He looked stressed and was calling for help."