Cabby makes rainy day less gloomy for pregnant mother by stopping to hand her umbrella

An kind-hearted cabby spread some cheer on an other gloomy, rainy day by stopping his taxi to pass an umbrella to a pregnant mother and her toddler.

The grateful recipient of the umbrella, Jolene Liow, took to Facebook to share what happened.

She said that she was sending her 14-month-old toddler, Josh, to infant care when it started to rain heavily.

She had no umbrella with her, and stood under an overhead bridge with Josh who is in a stroller.

There was a bus stop 10 metres away, but the mother said that the rain was too heavy for the duo to make their way there.

Seeing their predicament, a cabby stopped his taxi along Pei Wah Avenue and alighted to take an umbrella from his back seat.

He then ran 15 metres towards Jolene in the rain, and handed the umbrella to her.

"Keep it", he told the netizen.

Said Jolene on Facebook with regard to what happened:

"I was so shocked at his kindness and all I could muster was a mere 'thank you', before he ran back to his taxi, all drenched in the downpour himself. OMG.

"Just wanted to share this, cos this taxi uncle is really a champ. While my social feed is usually peppered with anecdotes of nasty people doing mean things to others, this uncle really stands out and deserves a medal.

"Really thanks to him, my 14-month Joshie and my 5-month baby bump were saved from being utterly soaked in the rain. 

"This hero decided it was more worthwhile to get himself drenched than to have a pregnant stranger and her child get wet."