Buyer experiences a series of fortunate events after purchasing $40 'mysterious stone' in Hougang

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Stomper Lau Lap has experienced a string of lucky encounters after buying what he described as a 'mysterious stone' in Hougang.

He recounted what happened in an email to Stomp:

"I bought a beautiful and mysterious stone yesterday morning (May 28) in Hougang village from a temporary vendor for $40.

"She told me the stone is called 'Lek Lai' and it originated from Thailand. She claimed that the stone supposedly brings luck to its owner. 

"Coincidentally, shortly after buying the stone at the same place, I chance upon an MP posing for pictures with participants of a cleaning campaign. 

"On the same day, my father had also successfully negotiated a good price ($20) for a vintage water fountain from an old man in Chinatown.

"I felt a gut feeling to call my dad at about the same time he was in Chinatown. I gave him the wrong unit number of the karang guni man, yet with a stroke of luck, he managed to locate the item and seller!

"My dad brought it back to me after that. 

"At that time, my dad did not have a suitable bag for such bulky and big item, luckily the man gave him a big bag to carry the fountain, if not he would not have been able to carry it all the way back to Hougang!

"Has the Lek Lai stone brought me luck?

"Now I'm wishing the stone can grant PR status to my wife. She also hopes to become a mother too. Hope the stone will work its wonders for her!"