Brawl ensues after fighter flashes butt at opponent's team after MMA match in JB

Submitted by Stomper Hazwady

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A fight erupted at an MMA match held in Johor Bahru after a fighter bared his bottom at his opponent's team.

Stomper Hazwady alerted Stomp to a Facebook Live video of the event that had been recorded by Facebook user Eileen Tcy.

The incident happened on Mar 4 and was a part of the Ultimate Breakdown fight league held in Johor.

In the video, one of the fighters bares his bottom - at the 3:58 mark - at his opponent's team after beating him in their match.

Rightfully offended by the fighter's bad sportsmanship, the team confront the fighter and his side outside the ring in what evolves into a full-on brawl.

Shouting can be heard and a chair is thrown in the thicket.

The announcer then tries to break up the fight and tells them that they don't need to fight outside the ring.

Keep it in the arena, guys.

Watch the video below.