Boss of dealer company calls police after 10 cars disappear overnight, realises they were towed away for illegal parking

The boss of a car dealer was shocked when 10 of her cars ‘disappeared’ overnight, and she immediately lodged a police report -- only to find out that the vehicles had been towed for illegal parking.

The incident happened at Wcega Plaza in Bukit Batok Crescent on Wednesday (May 17)  at 11am, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

When the boss came to work on that day, she panicked when she found that 10 of the cars which were parked on a lane behind the carpark were no longer there. 

Desperate, she immediately called the police. 

When police officers arrived at the scene to investigate, they discovered that the vehicles had in fact been towed away for illegal parking. 

The boss told reporters that she had left the her workplace at around 10pm the previous night, and all the cars were still intact.

When she returned the next morning to find them missing, she panicked.

Said the boss: "The 10 cars that were ‘missing’ were all Japanese cars and the is estimated to cost about S$300,000 altogether. 

"I had the keys but the cars were all missing. That really puzzled me.

"Some of the cars were supposed to be handed over to customers soon, so I was really desperate."

Police officers had cordoned off the area during the investigation and sought assistance from the building’s management committee. 

A spokesperson said that the 10 cars had been impounded as they had violated parking regulations, and that the female boss had been informed prior to the tow. 

The committee also requested that she remove the vehicles by last Tuesday (May 9). 

The boss, on her part,  said that she received two notices, one which stated that she was to remove the car washing equipment by May 9, while the other stated the date to be on May 31.