BMW driver's 'epic' lane change on CTE gives motorist mini heart-attack

Submitted by Stomper Ong

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Stomper Ong came across a BMW driver who recklessly changed lanes on the CTE before the Braddell exit yesterday (Mar 19) at around 3pm.

In a video sent by Ong, the driver can be seen abruptly filtering her BMW from the third lane into the second lane where the Stomper was driving on.

Ong had to jam on his brakes to avoid hitting the BMW's rear.

The BMW driver briefly slowed her car down after changing lanes, and accelerated the BMW across another two lanes thereafter. 

Said the Stomper, who described the driver's lane change as 'epic':

"I would have gotten myself into an accident if I did not react fast enough.

"My dashcam captured the action, but it is probably not a good representation of the 'exciting' moment I experienced. 

"The shock sensor within my vehicle did pick up a spike to indicate that my brakes have worked well enough to save myself from this inconsiderate road user.

"There were no vehicles behind me. She could have changed lanes after I drove passed her."

"It was a close shave indeed."