BMW driver opens door in the middle of road, sends motorcyclist flying at Tuas Link

Drivers and passengers, please look out for oncoming motorcyclists before you open your vehicle doors.

In a video captured by Richard Khoo’s rear vehicle camera, uploaded to, Richard’s vehicle was stuck in a traffic jam at Tuas Link towards Johor on Saturday (Mar 11).

In the next lane, a black BMW car can be seen. The driver of the BMW opens his door in the middle of the road, right as a motorcyclist riding in between the lanes approaches.

The motorcyclist collides with the door of the BMW car and is sent flying in front of the car right behind Richard’s. The BMW driver, startled, then goes over to the motorcyclist to check on him. The driver of the car behind the BMW also comes out of his car to help the motorcyclist up.

Angry Facebook users said in comments on the post that the BMW driver had probably not checked his side mirror before he opened his door. Others wondered why he was even opening his door in the middle of the road.

However, some felt that the motorcyclist should not have been lane splitting (riding in between two lanes) and should have been more alert.

Some others then pointed out that it was a rainy day, and even if the motorcyclist had attempted to stop before he hit the BMW’s door, he would still not be able to brake in time due to the wet surface of the road.

Just last month, a motorcyclist was killed after he collided head-on with a car door that had been flung open at a traffic junction in Ang Mo Kio.