Biker learns painful lesson why lane discipline is important after accident at Commerce St

Lane discipline. You learn about it driving school.

Sadly, some people don't quite absorb the importance of lane discipline during their driving lessons.

They end up learning this through a more painful method, like this biker.

In a video posted on Singapore Reckless Drivers by Darren Seetoh, a motorcyclist is trying to cut past the jam by travelling on the other side of the road at Commerce Street.

This essentially means he was going against traffic to bypass the jam.

However, when the biker swerved back into the lane to avoid oncoming traffic, he ended up crashing into a car.

The biker is sent sprawling on the road from the crash, and the car driver immediately gets out of the vehicle to help the biker.

Most netizens who viewed the clip felt that the biker could have avoided the incident by being patient and keeping to his lane.