Bike seller uncontactable after buyer pays $100 deposit to ship bike from China

Submitted by Stomper Jean

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Stomper Jean was looking forward to receiving her folding bike after placing an order and paying a deposit of $100, but was dismayed to find the seller uncontactable when it was time to collect it.

Jean had been directed to a local bike selling website, by a friend and had contacted the seller to arrange for a viewing and testing of a folding bike in April.

She met him once to test the bike and clarify her doubts and then contacted him the next day to place an order for the bike.

They met again on Apr 10 so that she could test the bike once more and to confirm her purchase.

"He then asked me to pay a $100 deposit for him to procure the stock from his China supplier and to settle balance payment upon delivery three weeks later," said Jean.

"Three weeks later on May 1, I contacted him to ask about the bike collection and he told me that it was a public holiday and that the supplier was not working so he would get back to me.

"Four days later, he suddenly became uncontactable and did not reply my messages on the status of the bike delivery or answer any of my calls."

Jean even went down to the location she last met the seller to ask people working in the area if they had seen the seller.

However, nobody could identify him.

Not knowing what else to do, she made a police report on May 8.

"I know that this is a lesson for me to learn but I don't want anyone to go through the same thing I did," said Jean.