Because you asked us to: 15 'Stomp-worthy' doctors and dentists in Singapore

Most people would not consider visiting a medical or dental clinic an enjoyable experience but if your doctor is a serious piece of eye candy, it can make your visit so much sweeter.

Singapore medical portal doctorXdentist compiled a list of the hottest local doctors and dentists after a netizen asked for recommendations.

"Need some polishing to be done and figured that I might as well get it done by an attractive dentist," Tyrese wrote in a forum post.

On a post dated Feb 4 on doctorXdenist's Facbook page they wrote:

"Today, we're here to share a different kind of insider information -- the completely pointless and Stompable kind."

Well we heard you loud and clear and if you want to get Stomped, who are we to say no?

Check out the hottest doctors and dentists you can find on Instagram in the gallery above.