Badass auntie catches phone scammer impersonating police -- who says Cantonment is in Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Zack, Othman

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Stomper Zack and Othman sent Stomp news of a phone scam involving the impersonation of police officers that were circulating on WhatsApp.

Zack received a video in his WhatsApp chat group in which an auntie was shown dialling a number, claiming that the line was directed to the Police Cantonment Complex.

After a while, a woman on the other end picked up, ‘confirming’ that the auntie had reached the police headquarters.

The woman then asked the auntie for the purpose of her call, and the caller expressed that she had received a missed call from the same number.

She asked the woman why the ‘police’ were looking for her instead. 

The woman then questioned if the auntie had listened to the previous call, to which the caller told her no, and requested that the woman repeated the content of the first call to her. 

Instead, the woman asked her again if she could remember the content of the first call again. 

The auntie then replied, ‘no’, and the woman proceeded to identify herself as an officer from the Police Cantonment Complex, but was interrupted by the caller asking her where the police station was located at.

The woman paused for a while, before answering that the station was situated at Jurong East. 

Expressing disbelief, the auntie asked the woman again to clarify if the Police Cantonment Complex was really situated in Jurong East. 

At this point, the woman told her ‘yes’ impatiently and asked the auntie for her name again, claiming that she needed it to verify details on her end.

The sceptical auntie retorted, asking her why she did not know her name if the station had initiated the call. 

The woman then told her that the first call was made by line two, and not her personally. 

The auntie then said:

“So who exactly called me, and how can I dial back the same line?”

The woman seemingly taken aback, explained that she needed the auntie’s personal details again to verify why the station had called her.

The auntie replied that she wanted to know exactly why the station had called her. 

The two reached an impasse where the woman wanted to know the auntie’s name, but the caller demanded to know why the ‘station’ was trying to reach her. 

At this point, the woman turned nasty, saying:

“I don’t even know if you’re a dog or a human, how would I know?”

The auntie, angered by her rude comment, said:

“I also don’t know if you’re a chicken or human.

“Or perhaps a chicken or dog.”

At this point the woman hung up. 

Stomper Othman on this hand, mentioned that he received an official police advisory, warning citizens about impersonation phone scams. 

Said Othman:

“My sister who works in the People’s Association received the advisory and forwarded it to us.

“I myself received a call from China recently.

“I didn’t understood a single word though.

“Just want to share this with people so they can be vigilant.”

Watch the video below.