Attack of the serial used-Kotex litterbug at Block 454 Fajar Rd

Submitted by Stomper Kalyn

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As a driver, there are many things you need to worry about when leaving your car parked in an open space.

Weather, birds, other vehicles. But Stomper Kalyn, a resident at Block 454 Fajar Road, was faced with a rather unusual predicament.

The Stomper's van had a used Kotex sanitary pad on top of it in the morning of Mar 26.

Kalyn had parked the vehicle at the carpark the night before, and was shocked to see the Kotex on top of it the next morning.

"It's really a unpleasant morning when you need to remove a Kotex sticking to your roof, first thing in the morning," said the Stomper.

"After we come back in the afternoon, we found another brown Vezel that had a Kotex on its roof.

"In the evening, we went down to get our dinner and we found another black car had a Kotex on its roof as well."

Kalyn believes these incidents have brought unpleasantness and trouble among neighbours, and hopes that the resident doing it would stop.