Are Lambo and Nissan GTR drivers trying to race illegally in Yishun?

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A Lamborghini and Nissan GTR were seen side by side in Yishun on Feb 18, at around 3.12am.

A user known as Mike Ali filmed a video of the two cars, which a Stomper came across after it was uploaded on Facebook by All Singapore Stuff.

The video caption said that the two drivers were racing, but netizens begged to differ.

One commented, "Next time post two senior citizens walking across the road better, also considered racing (across the roads)" while another said, "Some ppl really just plain losers... cannot tahan other ppl driving exotic cars."

In the clip, the two drivers can be heard revving their engines and driving off, only to slow down, apparently due to a 'roadblock' as mentioned by a voice in the video.