Appeal for witnesses: Fatal accident involving bike FBK5443R at Jurong East St 12 on April 27

Two Facebook users posted appeals for witnesses to an accident that left one person dead at Jurong East Street 12 on April 27.

Nur Atiqah and Studder Bree both made the posts on April 28 about the crash that happened at the road just next to Jurong Town Hall Road.

According to their posts, their family member was a motorcyclist who was killed in the collision.

While Atiqah said that the accident occurred between 4 to 5 pm, while Studder said that it happened at around 7pm.

Both said the rider's Sena motorcycle helmet camera was not found at the accident scene.

Atiqah added that police were investigating the case, and any information about the camera would help.

Both Atiqah and Studder also appealed for anyone with information or footage of the accident to come forward to help.

If you have any information about this incident, you can contact Stomp via email ( or WhatsApp (9384 3761).