Another group yells gang slogans at funeral, 5 days after police arrest 7 for similar incident at Kim Tian Rd

The arrest of seven men aged 27 to 50 last week for their involvement in gang-related activities has not deterred another group from pulling a similar stunt.

In a Mar 7 video posted by All Singapore Stuff on Facebook and credited to user 'Max', a big group of men can be heard repeatedly chanting 'Hai Lok San' while walking down a road during a funeral procession.

They are believed to be members of the 'Hai Lok San (108) 海陆山' secret society in Singapore.

it is unclear when and where this incident happened.

Just last week, a separate video circulating online showed several men shouting 'Sah Lak Gau (369) during a funeral procession along Jalan Bukit Merah, near Kim Tian Road.

Seven men were arrested in simultaneous raids at various locations islandwide on early Friday (March 3) morning and investigations are ongoing.

The police also said in a news release dated Mar 4 that they take "a stern view of gang-related activities and will continue with our tough enforcement efforts and come down hard on those who choose to be associated with gangs".