All these cabs and yet no one's driving them -- why?

Submitted by Stomper Horizon

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Just as Stomper Horizon was reading an article titled "Too much competition, too little cabbies" on Stomp this morning (Jan 18), he received a video from his friend via Whatsapp.

The article talked about taxi drivers quitting their trade due to the stiff competition they faced from private-hire services such as Uber and Grab.

Stomper Horizon's friend, a taxi driver, sent over a short clip of himself driving around the Trans-Cab taxi company compound whilst complaining about current situation for taxi drivers.

How coincidental huh?

Said the taxi driver in dialect:

"Look at all the taxis parked here, the car park is full!

"Times are tough and the situation is bad.

"Why isn't the taxi company reducing the price for rental of taxis? More drivers will be able to rent from them if they did.

Stomper Horizon shared his thoughts on the current situation faced by taxi drivers:

"Times are bad and Singapore is going through a period of recession -- even the taxi drivers are affected.

"Yes, I understand the many consumer benefits from the newcomers, but look at our poor taxi drivers today -- they are suffering in silence.

"Most of them have been serving in the trade for many years, I sure hope the authorities can do something to help them."

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