All hail the king of the roads: Cyclist hogs lane on Orchard Rd

Submitted by Stomper LK

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A cyclist was spotted hogging the middle lane on Orchard Road, right outside the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station today (May 1) at around 11.30am. 

Stomper LK who was driving behind the slow riding cyclist sounded his horn at the cyclist, who then gestured for LK to overtake his bicycle. 

The cyclist continued peddling at a leisurely pace even as LK overtook him. 

Said LK:

“The guy was hogging the lane during the peak hour.

“I had to slow down several times and I sounded my horn at him several times, but he ignored me at first.

“He only signalled for me to overtake his bike later on.

“Riding like this on the roads is not only selfish, but also endangers lives.”